Kestrel in Paderborn

The weather has been far from great these past few weeks but given the chance I grab every photographic opportunity possible. Rain radar predicted sunny breaks between showers so I decided to pack my gear and with the family in tow head to Paderborn.

You have to have a goal set even with wildlife photography, otherwise you just end up shooting at random subjects. The plan on this day was to photograph the popular Kingfisher that roams the suburbs of the inner city.

Having parked the car in a convenient spot it wasn’t long before meeting up with other keen wildlife photographers with a similar mind set to mine.

With lenses pointed towards the sky it was obvious what they we’re photographing, a Male Kestrel perched on a roof top. Guess that’s my goal gone out the window as I point the Sigma in the same direction.

Earlier in the day this male was seen mating in the very same spot, an opportunity missed :(

The obvious photo? simply point the camera in the general direction and grab a photo before the little fella flies away. He’s in no hurry which gives me plenty of time to scout the surrounding area and find a better photo. Everyone can take a candid shot but it’s those images that stand out from the rest that are are my favourites - I’m still learning so go easy!

Common Male Kestrel pampered by the gentle breeze.

Canon 5D Mark IV | Sigma 150-600 C | F/8 | 1/2000 Sec | iso 640 - 600 mm

A gable allows for better framing.

Canon 5D Mark IV | Sigma 150-600 C | F/8 | 1/1600 Sec | iso 1000 - 531 mm

Canon 5D Mark IV | Sigma 150-600 C | F/9 | 1/800 Sec | iso 1000 - 600 mm

Down from his perch, it’s hunting time!

Canon 5D Mark IV | Sigma 150-600 C | F/7.1 | 1/640 Sec | iso 160 - 513 mm